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True Energy Trust Confirms October Distribution & Announces Increase to Exchangeable Share Ratio

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    CALGARY, Sept. 17 /CNW/ - True Energy Trust ("True" or the "Trust")
confirms that the cash distribution for the month of September will be $0.08
per unit, to be paid on October 15, 2007 to all unitholders of record as at
September 28, 2007. The ex-distribution date for this payment is September 26,
2007. This distribution announcement is consistent with the guidance provided
in the news release dated July 18, 2007.
    True is pleased to announce an increase in the ratio for exchanging
Exchangeable Shares of True Energy Inc. into trust units of the Trust (the
"Exchange Ratio") from 0.79735 to 0.80997. This increase is effective on
September 17, 2007.The following are the details used in the calculation of the Exchange

    Record Date of Distribution                               August 31, 2007

    Opening Exchange Ratio                                            0.79735

    True Energy Trust distribution per unit
     paid September 17, 2007                                            $0.08

    5-day weighted average trading price
     (the "Current Market Price")
     (including the last business day prior
      to distribution payment date)                                  $5.05606

    Increase in Exchange Ratio                                        0.01262

    Effective Date of increase in Exchange Ratio           September 17, 2007

    Exchange Ratio as of the Effective Date                           0.80997The increase in the exchange ratio is calculated by multiplying the True
Energy Trust distribution per trust unit by the previous month's exchange
ratio and dividing by the Current Market Price of TUI.UN. A holder of True
Energy Inc. Exchangeable Shares can exchange all or a portion of their
holdings at any time for the True Energy Trust Units by completing the
Retraction Request Form located on the back of the exchangeable certificate.
Questions regarding Exchangeable Shares should be directed to Computershare
Trust Company of Canada at 1-800-564-6253.

    True Energy Trust is an exploration and production oil and gas trust
based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. True is powered by a diverse asset base and
is focused on sustainable growth both in its people and in its properties.
True has a multi-year drilling inventory of 450 net locations in Alberta,
Saskatchewan and British Columbia.
    True's approach to providing value to its securityholders with superior
returns is based on combining its commitment to fiscally conservative
management with a disciplined but opportunistic approach to
technically-focused exploration and high quality acquisitions. True supports a
culture of positive teambuilding, emphasizing the value of human capital,
working to exceed industry expectations, keeping True at the forefront of
today's competitive market.

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