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Environment, Safety & Regulatory

Bellatrix is dedicated to competitive results in an environmentally responsible, regulatory compliant and safe manner.

Please direct all environment, safety, and regulatory compliance correspondence to our shared Compliance inbox. ( This inbox is regularly monitored to allow us to serve you better.


At Bellatrix, we are committed to protecting the environment through sound environmental management, compliance with all legislative requirements, and proactive measures to reduce the environmental impacts of our resource development activities through corporate environmental objectives. To support our commitment to environmentally responsible resource development, we will:

  • Routinely monitor, audit, and continually improve our Environmental Management System;
  • Meet regulatory, contractual, and voluntary requirements;
  • Determine, evaluate, and mitigate the environmental impact of our business during project management, operations and decommissioning;
  • Evaluate alternative water sources and reuse/recycle water when possible;
  • Reduce waste generated and reuse/recycle waste products when possible;
  • Manage end-of-life environmental impacts with a focused, continual effort towards final reclamation;
  • Evaluate and manage environmental risks associated with air and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Use energy and chemicals in our operations responsibly and efficiently;
  • Respond, report, and remediate environmental releases promptly; and,
  • Review environmental objectives annually to ensure improvement in our environmental performance.

Health & Safety

Bellatrix strives to maintain a healthy and safe work environment for its Staff and Service Providers. Safety is a core value at Bellatrix and we work closely with our Service Providers from prequalification to execution. We review to ensure all hazards are mitigated to a safe level while embracing continuous improvement in everything we do.

Emergency Response

Bellatrix works hard to ensure our staff and contractors are trained and ready to respond in the unlikely event of an incident. We regularly practice and prepare in order to protect public safety, our staff and the environment by training in the latest standards for emergency response. We practice these skills on a regular basis in mock exercises to ensure competency among those involved. Additionally, Bellatrix participates in local mutual aid groups and spill co-ops in our core operating areas as a way of providing additional capacity during emergencies because we understand the importance of being part of the larger community.

  • Clearwater Mutual Aid Co-op (CMAC) 
  • Pembina Area Operators Group (PAOG)
  • Western Canadian Spill Services (WCSS)

Service Providers

We have teamed up with ComplyWorks (Contractor Management provider) to ensure we only engage contractors who also operate in a safe, environmentally responsible and compliant manner.

Regulatory Compliance

Bellatrix understands the importance of strong regulatory compliance assurance. We strive to maintain open, positive lines of communication with authorities at all levels as a means to ensure understanding and compliance over all aspects of our operations.

Internal Compliance Program

Bellatrix has developed a strong internal compliance program comprised of inspections, investigations and reviews aimed to educate, identify, and reduce compliance issues. This program was designed in collaboration with regulators to ensure it meets a high level of compliance.

In addition to our compliance program Bellatrix strives to engage with regulators on a proactive basis. This engagement ensures Bellatrix is able to respond and adapt in an environment that is constantly changing. We believe staying ahead of these changes provides Bellatrix a competitive advantage.

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