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Board Responsibilities

Board has assumed responsibility for the stewardship of the Company, including:

  • review and adoption of a strategic planning process
  • establish or cause to be established systems to identify the principal risks of the Company’s business and the implementation of appropriate procedures to manage these risks
  • succession planning, including appointing, training and monitoring senior management
  • the Company’s communication policy
  • establish or cause to be established the Company’s internal control and management information systems

Board of Directors Mandate - October 2014

The Board Composition 

The Bellatrix Board of Directors is comprised of nine members, only one of whom, Brent A. Eshleman, is a member of management, and is therefore considered not independent. The other eight directors are considered independent for the purposes of National Instrument 58-101 – Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices and the rules of the NYSE. The Company has appointed Mr. W.C. (Mickey) Dunn as Chairman of the Board. While W. C. (Mickey) Dunn is the Chairman of the Board, he is not considered by the Board to be a part of management and thus is considered to be an independent director.

Chairman Position Description

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